Packing Tips

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Times Relocation Packers & movers skills of packing to ensure the safety and security of your household goods. Our skilled workforces are well prepared to assist you with a number of packing tips that should be considered when moving house.

  • 1. Strategy and planning: all items should be listed according to value. Valuable items should be placed in one spacious room and packed first. Do not rush to pack items in haphazard unsystematic manner.
  • 2. Packaging and tools: In a specified area get all accessories and tools like boxes scissors, tape etc to save time for packing. Start with your valuables and fragile items first. Then neatly stack them against a wall ready for loading.
  • 3. Cartons and boxes: use strong board cartons lined with foam if possible. If foam isn’t available line with enough insulation material likes plastic bubble sheets or even newspaper. Secure boxes tightly with large width tape. Label each box of its contents.
  • 4. Check for insurance: Your packing and moving service will have transportation insurance.
  • 5. Vehicles: transport vehicles should be insulated and fitted with material to prevent shocks and jerks. trucks have all such features’.
  • 6. Fragile items: These should be professionally packed and segregated from other items.
  • 7. Transport security and assistance: your relocation services should have deputy driver or a security guard accompanying the vehicle.