Packing Material

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The correct choice of packaging material is of extremely important when packing for house moving and corporate relocation. Care well Packers and Movers use the latest techniques, gadgets and devices of global standards for packaging and containment in vehicles.

  • 1. Metallic containers and wooden Crates: used for packaging appliances like chimneys, refrigerators, and washing machines.
  • 2. Combination and modernized Safety Locks: Containers are secured with modernized locking systems
  • 3. Trucking cubes: metal cubes for containment of expensive appliances and valuables
  • 4. Foam packaging for Electronics: foam insulated boxes for LCDs LEDs computers and electronic gadgets.
  • 5. Weather protection packaging: containers and covered trucks provide adequate protection from harsh weather elements such as of debris dust and rain.
  • 6. Insulated and carpeted trucks: to prevent shock and damage from sharp jerky movements.
  • 7. Customized Plant carriers: specially designed carriers for purpose of transporting plants.
  • 8. T-corners: T corners are fitted on containers and goods to protect any sharp corners from being damaged.
  • 9. Safety Belts: Safety belts are used for securing all goods firmly in place
  • 10. Car-Seat Cover: durable plastic sheeting to protect car upholstery
  • 11. Glass piping: special glass piping is used to contain fragile material such as expensive crockery and curios.
  • 12. Duct tape and foam sheets: Super adhesive duct taping is used to firmly secure all cartons and packing material. Foam sheets and tarpaulins provide added protection to goods in carriers during transit.