Loading and Unloading

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Times Relocation Packers & Moversis one of the best packing and relocation company offering related services such as loading and unloading. With corporate clients from India and our abroad our presence is an established one where we handle all kinds of cargo and international freight with point of services at all major ports and airports of the country.

Times Relocation Packers & Movershave the complete infrastructure to affect reliable and efficient loading and unloading of cargo in a systematic manner. Our services include

  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage26  Receiving and handling cargo and freight at point of arrival
  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage27  Packaging and Shipping of cargo and freight domestic and international
  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage28  Receiving from authorities and documentation
  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage29  Loading and offloading
  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage30  Security checks of cargo
  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage31  Verification of weight and contents
  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage32  Transfers of cargo to inland destination
  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage33  Unitizing and palletizing cargo
  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage34  Import and export logistics
  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage35  Verification of perishable items and their safety
  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage36  Storage and security of cargo in warehouses.
  • timerelocationmoversandpackerschennaiimage37  Interaction with authorities for clearances

At Times Relocation Packers & Movers . We implement quality methods to rise to the demand of efficient loading and offloading services. We assure you of a damage free process whereby your cargo is loaded safely for shipping or transported to your destination intact. This is the main concern of clients and we guarantee you the same.